Saturday, June 27, 2009



An ancient region in the heart of Madathara Village of Kollam District of Kerala, India with more than near to 140 years with now more than 45 families, most of among them belong to the Family Mullaschery.

This is by Janab Aliyarukunju Sahib, an enthusiastic young farmer from Edava, the coastel region on Trivandrum District of Kerala, he acquired this land with Janab Uthuman Kannu Rawther's father, on early 1860s.

The peoples with different political idieologies, most of them CPM and few to Indian National Congress and has their own leader ship on these political parties. Unfortunately now all of them out from the leadership.

Mrs. Shayla Begum(Mrs. Shayla Navas, Mullaschery Idayil Veedu, Madathara-691541), from INC, is the present Ward Memeber to The Madathara Ward of Chithara Panchayath, she belong to the Mullaschery Family, as the active memeber in this present politics.

In recent years, Janab Shahul Hameed Sahib was headed the whole family, after his death, Mr. Jaufar, Retd. Surway Sprt., member of 4th generation to the Family, be heading the whole group family.

By geographically, this region laids, besdies to SH-2 on 29.5th Mile Stone(Ozhukupara) to 30.5th Mile Stone(Thattupalam) and with 1/2 KM width and from 250 Mtrs on SH-64. By map link to

Presently, most of the area converted to Rubber Plantations, as per statewise phenomina, and I am very glad on the missing of Wet Land of Mullaschery, the Mullaschery Ela, since there, every year running Festivels accomponying with The Local Goddes, Mullaschey Thamburatty, the base of this region's name. Now these wet lands are converted to residential areas.

Most of the youngsters now working in Middle East, including me, and some of doing their own businesses and in Govt. Services. The J.J. Institute of Computers and Commerce at Madathara, is among from one, Mr. Abdul Jabbar.

Few days before, one of family member, Mr. Noushar Khan, owner of Kala Radio Services, Madathara, Son of Late Janab Abdul Hameed Sahib, among the Mullascherians, passed away............... A Tribute to his saul.......